Michigan International Speedway

is a two-mile D-shaped superspeedway located  in Brooklyn, Michigan. It is one of the fastest tracks in NASCAR due to its wide, sweeping corners and long straightaways; typical qualifying speeds are in excess of 190 mph and corner entry speeds are anywhere from 205-215 mph.

Michigan International Speedway is recognized as one of motorsports’ premier facilities because of its wide racing surface and high banking (by open-wheel standards; the 18-degree banking is modest by stock car standards) the track is now used primarily for NASCAR races.

Michigan International Speedway, Brooklyn MIGroundbreaking took place on September 28, 1967. Over 2.5 million yards of dirt were moved to form the D-shaped oval. The track opened in 1968 with a total capacity of 25,000 seats. The track was originally built and owned by Lawrence H. LoPatin, a Detroit-area land developer who built the speedway at an estimated cost of $4–6 million.

In 1972, Roger Penske purchased the speedway for an estimated $2 million. During Penske’s ownership the track was upgraded several times from the original capacity to 125,000 seating capacity.

From 1996 to 2000, the track was referred to as Michigan Speedway. This was to keep consistency with other tracks owned by Roger Penske’s Motorsports International before its merger with ISC.

Location: 12626 Us Highway 12, Brooklyn, MI 49230 Opened: 1968 Capacity: 108,000 Length: 2 miles Shape: D Shaped Oval Banking: 18° Lap Records: NASCAR – 37.069, 193.232 MPH (Ryan Newman), IndyCar – 32.365, 222.458 MPH (Thomas Scheckter), CART – 30.645, 234.949 MPH (Paul Tracy)*

*Track Record

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Michigan International Speedway Seating Chart

Michigan International Speedway Seating Chart

Michigan International Speedway Facility Map

Michigan International Speedway Facility Map



Michigan International Speedway General Venue Information


Inbound traffic

Inbound Traffic: Sunday Only – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
Pattern goes into effect – 6:00 a.m.

SOUTHBOUND:M-50 will become two lanes south of Wampler’s Lake Rd. (M-124). M-50 traffic will park in Lots 6/7 on the east side of the track or Lot 12 depending on traffic volume. Race traffic will not be allowed to continue southbound past the M-50 entrance.

NORTHBOUND: M-50 traffic will be directed west on to U.S. 12 and must use Lot 14.

U.S. 127
SOUTHBOUND: Race traffic will be directed east on to Vicary/Taylor Rd. with the exception of guests with parking credentials and charter buses. Depending on traffic volume, traffic may be directed to use M-50. Credential holders and Charter buses will proceed to U.S. 12 eastbound.

NORTHBOUND: Traffic north on U.S. 127 will use U.S. 12 eastbound to enter the track.

U.S. 12
WESTBOUND: U.S. 12 will become one-way at M-50. Use all lanes. All westbound U.S. 12 traffic will be directed in to Lots 8/9. Buses and vehicles with parking credentials should use the center lane. You will be directed to your designated parking area once you enter the property. Those needing to pick-up credentials will be directed to the credential office.

EASTBOUND: U.S. 12 eastbound will be one-way from U.S. 127 to the Speedway. Two lanes start at U.S. 127, with third lane starting at Round Lake Hwy. The left two lanes will enter Lot 11. The right lane will enter Lot 10. Vehicles with parking credentials should use the right lane. Those needing to pick-up credentials at the credential office should enter through Lot 10.


  • Use all lanes of traffic available.
  • Please observe all directional signs.
  • Day parking on MIS property is “FREE”to our guests.
  • Please follow parking attendant’s directions.

Outbound traffic

Outbound Traffic: Sunday Only – PLEASE READ CAREFULLY
Pattern goes into effect with 50 laps remaining

M-50 Gate
All traffic will be directed north on M-50 to Monroe Pike. Monroe Pike is a one-way street. Signs will direct you to I-94.

Use both lanes when exiting Lot 8. All traffic leaving Lot 8 will be directed eastbound on U.S. 12 (There will be two (2) lanes eastbound on U.S. 12 to M-52) . To head west, turn right on Onsted Hwy. and use westbound U.S. 223.

All traffic leaving Lot 14 and the Main Gate will be directed east on U.S. 12 and will turn right (south) on M-50. M-50 is two lanes, one-way to Onsted Hwy. To head west, turn right on Onsted Hwy. and use westbound U.S. 223.

GATE 2, LOT 10, LOT 11,

All traffic exiting Lot 10 will be directed south on Brooklyn Hwy. to U.S. 12, where they will be directed westbound. Vehicles exiting Lot 11 will be directed west on U.S. 12. To head east, turn left at Round Lake Hwy., and use U.S. 223 east. All remaining traffic should follow U.S. 12.

Traffic leaving Gate 3 will use Vicary/ Taylor Rd. west to U.S. 127. As U.S. 12 clears, some traffic may be sent south on Brooklyn Hwy. to westbound U.S. 12. All Traffic must go northbound at U.S. 127.

One lane exiting southbound on Brooklyn Hwy. to Vicary/Taylor Road westbound to U.S. 127. As traffic on M-50 clears, one lane may be sent northbound on Brooklyn Hwy. to M-50. All traffic must go northbound at U.S. 127.

LOT 12
North on Brooklyn Hwy. to M-50 and north through Brooklyn to U.S. 127. M-50 from Brooklyn to Napoleon one-way.

NOTE: MDOT and the Michigan State Police have approved the use of the 12’ paved shoulder for Northbound traffic on U.S. 127 from Vicary Road post race. Gate 9 will be closed for outbound traffic.


Be patient and courteous to all law enforcement officers and your fellow motorists.

Please remember your parking location – it will determine your exit route.


Parking Lot Gate Openings:
8:00 a.m. Friday
7:00 a.m. Saturday
6:00 a.m. Sunday

Bus Parking
Available in all lots. Buses will be directed to the bus area upon entering parking lots.

Motorcycle Parking
Available in all lots. Motorcycles will be directed to the motorcycle area upon entering parking lots.

Reserved Parking
Lots designated as “Reserved Parking” require a special parking pass that allows access to these restricted
areas. These passes are not available for purchase.

Michigan International Speedway provides free tram transportation from perimeter parking lots.
Friday and Saturday
Round-trip service from Lots 7/8 and Turn 3 to Turn 4.
Sunday tram service includes round-trip service from:
Lot 12 to Turn 4 (transfer at bridge)
Lot 14 to Lot 9 (additional service to Turn 2 and 3 available via transfer)
Lots 7, 8 and 9 to Turn 2(additional service to Turn 1 available via transfer)
Lots 7, 8 and 9 to Turn 3 (additional service to Turn 4 available via transfer)
Turn 3 to Turn 4
Turn 3 to Turn 2
Turn 2 to Turn 1
Note: After the race on Sunday, all trams picking up in Turn 2 and Turn 3 will make drop-off stops in lots 7, 8 and 9.
Check with a Guest Services Ambassador at any Guest Information Center for additional information. Tram
service is subject to change.

Accessible Seating

Wheelchair accessible tickets can be purchased in advance or on race day, based on availablity. One companion ticket may be purchased for each wheelchair ticket purchased.

In Row 54 of the Center Grandstand and Rows 70 and 21 of the Turn 3 Grandstand, and Turn 1 sections 43-73 bench-style seating is provided for the companion.


– Center Grandstand Even Sections 20-56
– Turn 1 Odd Sections 43-111
– Turn 3 Even Sections 148-172
– Champions Club Sections 1, 8 and 9

Accessible Parking
The Speedway provides free designated parking areas in all parking lots for guests with disabilities. Vehicles displaying the proper credential will be directed to that area upon entry into the parking lot.

Please be sure to approach the Speedway from the inbound traffic pattern that allows access to the parking area of your first choice. Please see pages 12-13 for traffic pattern maps and information. All handicapped parking lots are available on a first come first served basis.
Accessible parking areas fill early and you may be directed to alternate or overflow parking areas.

Michigan Vehicle Codes MCL 257.674, 257.675 and 257.675c contain the following sections pertaining to the display and use of a disabled parking permit.  A disability placard or license plate is intended for use only by the person with a disability or someone transporting the person with a disability.
Under Michigan Law, it is illegal to:
– Use a disability placard or license plate when the person with a disability is not being transported.
– Lend a disability placard to another person
– Alter or make a copy of a disability placard
– Continue using the disability placard issued to a family member who has since passed away.

Improper use may result in the immediate confiscation and cancellation of the disability placard or license plate. Furthermore, improper use, altering, forging, or copying a disability placard is a misdemeanor crime that may result in fines up to $500, jail time up to 30 days, or both.

Any individual presenting a placard for accessible parking privileges at MIS is subject to a review of integrity by on site law enforcement.

Additionally, Michigan International Speedway reserves the right to refuse admission, eject from its facility and deny ticket renewal privileges to any person whose actions and conduct are deemed inappropriate or illegal.

Accessible Transportation Assistance
The Speedway provides free transportation assistance to guests with disabilities using Guest Trams and Disability Transport Carts.

Guest Tram service is available in:
– Lot 4
– Lot 6
– Lot 7
– Lot 8
– Lot 9
– Lot 12
– Lot 14

If additional transportation assistance is needed, or if you’re parked in a lot not listed above, go to any Guest Information Center and request a Disability Transport Cart. The cart will transport the individual needing assistance and one companion near a gate close to their seating section.

Pre-race drop-off stations and post-race pick-up stations are at Guest Information Centers near:
– Gate 17
– Gate 21
– Gate 24
– Gate 29
– Gate 31
– Gate 32 (Sunday only)

At peak use times delays should be expected.
For the safety of our guests post-race disability care service begins 45 minutes after the conclusion of the race on Sunday.

This is a free service courtesy of Michigan International Speedway. Tipping of drivers is not permitted.

Accessible Restrooms
Wheelchair accessible restrooms have a wheelchair plaque posted at the entrance of the building.

Service Animals
The Speedway recognizes the importance of service animals in assisting guests with visual and other impairments. These animals are welcome throughout the property, but must remain leashed and harnessed at all times. Guests are required to bring their own pet waste disposal bags. Guests who bring service animals should request wheelchair seating to accommodate the service animals safely and comfortably.

General Rules

Fans may enter Michigan International Speedway grandstand areas with:

  • Soft sided coolers no larger than 10”x 10” x 12”.
  • Soft Sided Coolers may contain ice, freezer packs and a removable plastic liner.
  • Soft sided bags no larger than 18” x 18” x 4”.
  • Soft Sided Bags may include scanner bags, camera bags, purses, fanny packs, daypacks, canvas tote bags, lightweight backpacks, eco-friendly type grocery bags, clear bags, bags with souvenir purchases.

NOTE: Guests are allowed to bring in any combination of no more than two total of the items described above
Additionally, fans are welcome to bring:

  • Binoculars, scanners, headsets and cameras which are worn separately and not in their case.
  • Plastic souvenir and insulated cups no larger than 24 oz.
  • Standard seat cushions and stadium seats without armrests.

All Items brought through the Admission Gates are subject to inspection.
Guests without any carry-in items are encouraged to use the express lanes available at each gate.
Fans may not enter Michigan International Speedway grandstand areas with:

  • Hard-sided coolers.
  • Thermoses and metal cups of any size.
  • Glass containers, strollers, umbrellas, bicycles, roller blades, pets, banners, signs or flags.
  • Any bag, pack or container larger than the allowable sizes.
  • Firearms, knives, fireworks and items restricted by local, state or federal laws.

There will be no provisions for checking and holding items deemed inappropriate. Restricted items may
not be left at or around the gate area. Items left unattended will be removed and discarded.
Changes in security levels may affect security procedures at MIS including the prohibition of all bags and
items inside the grandstand gates.

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