Wrigley Field

is located in Chicago, Illinois and has been the home of the Chicago Cubs since 1916. It was called Cubs Park between 1920 and 1926 before being renamed for then Cubs team owner William Wrigley, Jr, owner of the Wrigley Chewing gum company. Wrigley also served as also home of the Chicago Bears of the NFL from 1921-1970 . The current capacity is 41,160, making Wrigley Field the 10th smallest actively used ballpark. It is the oldest National League ballpark and the second oldest active major league ballpark (after Fenway Park on April 20, 1912). Wrigley is known for its ivy covered brick outfield wall, the unusual wind patterns off Lake Michigan, the iconic red marquee over the main entrance, and the hand turned scoreboard.

Wrigley Field, Chicago ILWrigley Field follows the “jewel box” design of ballparks that was popular in the early part of the 20th century. The two recessed wall areas, or “wells,” located both in left, and right field, give those areas a little more length than if the wall were to follow the contour from center field, it is also in those wells, when cross winds are blowing, that balls have a habit of bouncing in all sorts of interesting directions, there is also a long net running the entire length of the outfield wall, about two foot from the top, the primary use is to keep fans from falling out of the bleacher area and onto the field of play, which is about seven to ten feet below the top of the wall. Called “The basket,” by players and fans alike, the rules of the field state that any ball landing within the netting is ruled a home run, making the distance to hit a home run in Wrigley Field actually shorter than the location of the outfield wall.

Wrigley Field did not install lights until 1988, after MLB officials refused to allow Wrigley to host any post-season games without lights. Night games are still limited in number by agreement with the city council. In 1942, then-owner P.K. Wrigley had planned to install lights, but instead, the lights and stands were scrapped for the war effort. The first night game was scheduled for August 8, 1988, against the Philadelphia Phillies, however, the game was rained out after 3┬Ż innings. The first official night game at Wrigley was held the following day, August 9.

On January 1, 2009, the National Hockey League played its 2009 Winter Classic in The Friendly Confines pitting two “Original Six” teams – the Chicago Blackhawks and the visiting Detroit Red Wings. The rink ran across the field from first base to third base with second base being covered by roughly the center of the rink.

In recent years Wrigley Field has been opened on a limited basis to popular concerts, not without some controversy. Local neighborhood groups have expressed concerns about the impact of concert crowds and noise on the surrounding residential neighborhood, particularly in 2009 when three concerts were added to the schedule, one conflicting with an annual neighborhood festival.

Location: 1060 West Addison Street Chicago, Illinois 60613

Opened: 1914 Capacity: 41,160 (with standing room at least 42,157) Field Surface: Natural Grass

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Wrigley Field General Venue Information


Please click this link for all directions to Wrigley – Directions to Wrigley

Parking Information

Parking in Cubs operated lots can be purchased in advance subject to availability, by calling (800) THE-CUBS or at the Wrigley Field box office. Space is limited.

  • Public Transportation: The Cubs recommend using public transportation when visiting Wrigley Field. Please refer to the CTA section in this guide for more information.
  • Disabled parking: Please refer to the disabled guest services section in this guide for more information.
  • Remote Parking Lot: Remote parking and shuttle service to Wrigley Field is located at DeVry University, 3300 N. Campbell Ave; The parking lot is located off of Rockwell, south of Addison. The parking/shuttle service is available for weekend and night games. Parking cost is $6.00, which includes a free roundtrip shuttle ride for all occupants of the vehicle. Parking/shuttle service begins 2-1/2 hours prior to game time. Shuttle buses run for 1 hour after the game on night games and 2 hours after a weekend day game.

Box Office

Tickets: Each ticket is a revocable license and is subject to denial of admission upon refund of face value. Fans are subject to removal from Wrigley Field upon breach of Wrigley Field rules at the discretion of management.

Ticket Office: The main Wrigley Field Box Office is located at the corner of Clark and Addison Streets.

Will Call: The Cubs “Will Call” windows are located at the Wrigley Field Box Office located at the corner of Clark and Addison Streets. The windows will open three hours prior to game time. A photo ID and the same credit card used to purchase the tickets will be required as well as your order confirmation number.

Alcoholic Beverage Policies: Alcoholic beverages will not be sold after the last out of the 8th inning during day games and the last out of the 7th inning or 9:20 p.m. for night games. Guests who appear to be under age 35 are required to show a valid photo ID indicating legal proof of age when purchasing alcohol at Wrigley Field. The Cubs reserve the right to deny any individual who appears intoxicated entry to Wrigley Field. The Cubs and Levy reserve the right to deny beverage services to any customer that appears intoxicated.


Disabled Guest Services:The Chicago Cubs want all fans to have an enjoyable experience while attending a game at historic Wrigley Field. Should you need assistance, have a question or encounter a problem during your visit, please contact a Cubs Crowd Management employee. Our primary function is to help fans in every way possible.

  • Wheelchair Assistance: The Cubs are happy to provide assistance to those guests who request wheelchair assistance to their seats. Upon entering the ballpark, please ask an event personnel member for assistance. The guest will then be transported via wheelchair to the closest accessible point and assisted to his/her seat. While in the seating area, if help is needed, please contact an usher and they will be able to radio for assistance. Wheelchairs are not available for use during the game, except for transport.
  • Tickets for Disabled Guests: Accessible seating for those with mobility disabilities can be purchased at Wrigley Field beginning March 9, 2012 at www.cubs.com or by calling (800) THE-CUBS (800-843-2827). Seating areas, pending availability, include the Field Box behind home plate, the Upper Deck Box Infield behind home plate, the Terrace Reserved on the 3rd base side and the Bleachers. Patrons with mobility disabilities and their companions are encouraged to make their purchase in advance, as tickets are subject to availability.
  • Parking for the Disabled: Parking for person’s with valid disabilities’ license plates or placards is available on a game by game basis in Cubs operating parking lots around the ballpark. Patrons that require accessible parking are encouraged to make their purchase in advance as spaces are subject to availability. Additionally, the Cubs operate a shuttle and parking service at the DeVry University campus located at 3300 N. Campbell.
  • Guest Services for the Disabled:
    Concession Stands:A number of concession stands on the main concourse, behind home plate in the upper deck and in the centerfield bleachers have specially designed points of sale to accommodate fans in wheelchairs.Elevators:A public elevator is located inside Gate K located on Waveland Avenue on the leftfield concourse. The elevator services the Terrace Reserved and Upper Deck areas. A public elevator is also located inside the Bleacher Gate, accessing the Budweiser Batter’s Eye Bud Light Bleacher Lounge and bleacher seating areas.irst Aid:Wrigley Field’s first aid facility is located on the main concourse behind home plate.Gift Shops: The Cubs have three gift shops on Wrigley Field’s main concourse. They are located behind home plate and on the left field and right field sides of the ballpark, and all are wheelchair accessible.Restrooms: Most Wrigley Field restrooms are accessible to fans in wheelchairs. Appropriate exterior signage designate these locations. Companion and/or family restrooms are located in the bleachers, in First Aid (on the main concourse behind home plate), and in the Upper Deck on the first base side.Telephones: Telephones accessible to fans in wheelchairs are located near the Fan Services Booth behind home plate on the main concourse. The phone bank has TDD telephones.Visual/Hearing Assistance: Assisted listening devices are available for use free of charge at the Fan Services Booth, located behind home plate on the main concourse.

Gates: There are four designated fan access gates:

  • Gate D is located on the corner of Sheffield Avenue and Addison Street
  • Gate F (the main gate) is located behind home plate at the corner of Clark and Addison Streets, beneath the iconic red marquee.
  • Gate K is located in the northwest corner of the stadium at the corner of Seminary and Waveland Avenues, directly across from the fire station.
  • The Bleacher Gate entrance is located at the corner of Sheffield and Waveland Avenues.

Gate Opening Times: The gates of Wrigley Field will open two hours prior to each game time unless otherwise announced.

Bag Check: Each entry gate has designated bag search lines for all patrons carrying items which need inspection and express lines for patrons not carrying an item needing inspection. All bags, purses and containers will be searched prior to entry. Large bags, luggage, inflatables such as balloons and beach balls, nets, noise makers, brooms, weapons, laser pointers, hard-sided coolers, thermoses, cans and glass bottles are not permitted at any time. To ensure fan safety, the Cubs reserve the right to refuse admittance of any item deemed hazardous or suspicious.

Babies/Toddlers Tickets: Fans age 2 and under may be admitted to Cubs games without an admission ticket. However, they must sit on the lap of an accompanying adult.

Cameras/Video Equipment: Visitors are welcome to bring video and still cameras into the ballpark; however, tripods are not allowed in the seating areas. Recordings may be used for personal viewing only. Any other use, distribution or commercial use is prohibited. Fans may not distribute any copyrighted game information without permission of the Chicago Cubs.

Guest Conduct: Customer Service is a major objective of the Chicago Cubs. The team strives to provide its Guests with the most positive baseball experience in the Major Leagues in a safe, comfortable environment. To help us achieve our goal of outstanding customer service, we ask for fan cooperation in the following areas:

  • Dress appropriately for baseball. It is quite often cooler near the lake.
  • Respect other guests’ ability to enjoy the game. Loud or obnoxious fans could be asked to leave the ballpark if their behavior is deemed to be offensive to guests around them.
  • Please do not bring balloons, beach balls, nets or laser pointers into Wrigley Field. These items are not permitted at any time.
  • For the safety of all fans, do not interfere with the progress of the game or go onto the playing field. Any fan interfering with a ball in play or going onto the field will be removed from the park and could be subject to arrest.
  • Please sit in your assigned seat and be prepared to show your ticket to an usher or ballpark supervisor upon request.
  • There is no re-entry on a ticket stub.

Rink at Wrigley: Sponsored by the Chicago Park District and The Ricketts Family, the Rink at Wrigley is held every winter and located on Clark Street outside Wrigley Field. For information, please go to www.rinkatwrigley.com.

The following items will not be permitted:

  • Hard-sided coolers of any size and/or type
  • Thermoses
  • Large bags, luggage etc., over the size of 16″ x 16″ x 8″
  • Bottles, cans, alcoholic beverages (plastic bottles of water and soft drinks not exceeding one liter acceptable)

There will be no claim checks available for hard-sided coolers at the gates. Bags over the size limit will be claim checked only after inspection.

The following items will be permitted:

  • Bags, purses, fanny packs and backpacks smaller than the size limit 16″ x 16″ x 8″
  • Small soft-sided coolers
  • Strollers
  • Wheelchairs

All permitted items will be subject to search.

Other information:

  • Each entry gate will have designated bag search lanes (for all guests carrying items needing inspection) and express lanes (for guests not carrying an item needing inspection).
  • Guests wearing coats may be asked to open them prior to entry.
  • After exiting, guests will not be permitted to re-enter Wrigley Field on a ticket stub.

Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited in Wrigley Field.

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